First, quickly I will introduce myself, my name is Sameh Michael from Ontario, Canada

Yes I know Blogging and building an online business are not an easy thing, my intention is to help everyone as I am doing my best to always provide you with up to date information, I wish you can follow my footsteps

Do Your Blog With Me helps everyone who is blogging or leaning how to start his/her own blog by building it using WordPress and by providing simple instructions associated with images although I am trying here to make all required steps as easy as possible not everyone will feel comfortable following them

Yes I know you may say “he must be selling us his own affiliate marketing course”

I haven’t created my own course/lessons yet and If I do, I promise to make sure to sell it for a very reasonable price and to over deliver you something way more than what you paid for

At least my very little contribution here will guide you on knowing the mandatory steps which will never be changed/altered

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The reason for using WordPress is because 30% of websites are built using it and it is still growing

WordPress now powers 30% of websites

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I have been using WordPress for around a decade now and I really love it as it is suitable for building all types of websites from simple blog to eCommerce and membership sites.