I know what you think, it is not confusing at all, I am here to help you build your blog

I created a detailed map here like index which we see in any book to make things easy to understand and build gradual knowledge and also it is navigable.

Welcome to my website Do Your Blog With Me, I will start with WordPress tutorials and WordPress tips (all links below will open in a new browser)

WordPress for Beginners

First before your get your hands wet with WordPress Installation, I suggest you read all questions WordPress beginners frequently ask and then get ready with my first post on step by step guide to build your WordPress site in less than an hour and I recapped the steps mentioned earlier in kind of summary post called 5 Simple Easy Steps to Start Blogging In an Hour

Then after you complete installing your WordPress successfully , you have to follow these steps to optimize/enhance your WordPress before you start using it as these are top actions to take on WordPress after installation

Now you will have your WordPress site ready to use and you as a new WordPress user will always starts with adding new plugins and then start using WordPress

Also below I provide very well researched WordPress tips for both beginners and advanced users

For WordPress Tutorials and Tips

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Mistakes Beginners Make Using WordPress
Top Common WordPress Errors And How to Fix Them
Lead Ideas For Supreme WordPress Posts
Choose Suitable WordPress Theme
Free Guide to Update WordPress Safely this is a 3 posts series

For Blogging Tips

5 Simple Easy Steps to Start Blogging In an Hour
Top 10 Mistakes All Bloggers Make
10 Steps on How to Write a Great Blog Post
How to Get Twitter Followers Instantly Free
Facebook Page Likes Increase Trick
Discover Best Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers
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