I know what you are thinking, it is not confusing at all, I am here to help you build your blog

I created a detailed map here like index which we see in any book to make things easy to understand and build gradual knowledge and also it is navigable.

Why I created this blog because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn the tools that will empower their lives

What I do for all who are looking to build their blogs and/or website, they get a very detailed free training on how to do that, I am doing my best to help those who are about to start learning how to build a blog or those who tried but got stuck somewhere

Everything will be related to one another, I will break down all the challenges for you so let us begin by reading How To Start a blog from scratch 

Anything listed below are few posts not linked to the above 

For WordPress Tutorials and Tips

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Choose Suitable WordPress Theme
Free Guide to Update WordPress Safely this is a 3 posts series

For Blogging Tips

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