Top Questions All WordPress Beginners Have to Know

Today I am going to cover all these questions, this is kind of long post but these are top questions all WordPress beginners have to know so let us begin.

1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is CMS (Content Management System), I know you heard it a lot and you don’t want it to hear it from me again as anyone who knows me, I hate saying terms without breaking it into simple English words.

WordPress is a website where from certain back-link (called Back Office) you can log on and create your website by selecting your design (Theme), add functionality (Plugins) , create your pages and add new posts (blog news)

I can not keep it simple than that.

2. How WordPress actually started?

WordPress started on 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg to read more go to About WordPress

3. How much does WordPress cost me?

WordPress is completely free, you may need web hosting and domain name if you decide to download it ( and host it using your own web hosting or use it on with limited features and sub domain e.g.

4. How WordPress makes money?

WordPress makes money by showing ads on their website, selling their web hosting if you decide to pay for their hosting plans or pay for additional upgrades like hiding their ads.

5. Is WordPress going to stay free?

Yes, it is.

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6. Do I need any technical or coding skills to build my WordPress site?

No, everything can be done within the back office area through the dashboard.

7. What is a domain?

Domain is the name you give it to your website to be easy to remember, e.g. or

8. Why there are different domain names?

Domains are used to differentiate where the internet is going to take you, remember without domain names, people have to type something like to go to something like which is very hard to remember and that’s why we have different domain names

9. What is hosting?

Hosting is also known as Web hosting, it is the space which you rent on a special computer called Web Server to put your website on.

10. How does hosting like Siteground, HostGator or BlueHost work with WordPress?

WordPress works on both Windows and Linux (preferably Linux) server which had PHP and MySQL installed, Siteground, HostGator and BlueHost provide these requirements for WordPress to run smoothly.

11. I have an existing hosting (not Siteground, HostGator or BlueHost) can I still use WordPress?

Yes you can, make sure your web hosting has cPanel and One Click WordPress Installation feature where you don’t need to download and extract WordPress from but with just a click of a button you can install WordPress instantly

You can revise my steps on Process on how to install WordPress

12. Can I use any web hosting company?

Similar to the previous question, you can use any web hosting but since all web hosting prices are very close to each other, make sure you get a web hosting with cPanel and One Click WordPress Installation feature.

13. How do I install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is a long process which requires a web hosting and a domain name, I suggest you read this post about installing WordPress Process

14. Does WordPress work on Mac OS and Microsoft?

It does not matter if you use Mac OS or Microsoft as you access some websites built by WordPress on a browser like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera.

15. Can I install WordPress on my local computer?

Yes you can and it is highly recommended to do it so you can get familiar with WordPress without affecting your original WordPress website which is hosted on the web.

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16. What is the differencebetween a Post and a Page?

There are few differences but to mention a significant one, pages are designed for static changes like About us, Contact us..etc while posts are designed for blog news or new information for web visitors, you can read more details on difference between posts and pages

17. What is sticky post and how to make a post sticky?

WordPress by default displays all posts on the front page (home page) in descending order for latest post at the top, if you edit a post and click on Stick this post to the front page as shown below, it will always stay on top.

WordPress how to make a post sticky

18. Are the WordPress posts and pages easy to edit?

Very easy to edit, just select All Posts from under Posts menu or All Pages from under Pages menu both are to the left hand side, it will open all posts or pages, if you click on specific post or page, it will be opened in Edit mode.

19. What is a Plugin?

Again I will do my best to break it down to English words, plugins are components to add extra features missing from WordPress e.g. to highlight words with yellow in posts or pages, I had to install a plugin called Text Highlighter as WordPress editor does not have this feature.

20. How can I install a plugin?

If you go to Plugins menu to the left and click on Add New, the Add Plugins screen will show up, you can select your plugins by typing its name or part of it under Keyword text field, for example to search for Yoast SEO , you can type Yoast, SEO or both Yoast SEO

you can review post under section installing Yoast SEO

21. What are the essentials plugins to install?

You have to keep in mind that there are several types of WordPress plugins that you need to install one (or may be more in few cases) for each type like Security plugins (Wordfence, Sucuri and many more), Performance Plugins like W3 Total Cache, SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Backup and Restore pluginslike UpdraftPlus, Analytical plugins like Google analytics, Anti-spam plugins like Akismet Anti-Spam, Social Media Integration plugins like Social Warfare, optional plugins depending on your WordPress website needs like eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce and Subscription plugins like Email Subscribers & Newsletters.

For more details on this topic, I recommend you read the essential plugins to install on WordPress starting from point 6 to 13

22. Is there any limitations to the number of plugins on my WordPress?

No, but be reasonable, one of each type mentioned above is enough and if you try different plugins to choose the best suitable, make sure to deactivate unused plugins and it is better to delete the deactivated plugins.

23. What is a Theme?

Theme is a skin for your website, in other words it is the design of how your WordPress site will look like, for example some themes have long header with large logo and one side column to the left/right of your page or you can have both left and right, it all depends on the theme which you choose, some themes can be customized to choose how you can control your layout (like the column example mentioned earlier.

Anyway, choosing your WordPress theme is not the end of the world as you can switch between themes without losing your data (posts/pages).

I have a nice post that helps you on how to choose your theme.

24. How can I install a theme?

The simplest answer to this question is to go to Appearance menu to the left as shown below

wordpress step 1 selecting appearance themes

This will display all the installed themes and you can switch between them or if you want to install a new theme, click on the Upload bottom as shown below and this will display a list of themes to choose from.

WordPress click upload to look for new wordpress theme

25. What to choose between free orpremium WordPress theme?

I created a long post for this question on how to choose suitable theme for your WordPress website read it and this will answer your question.

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26. Where to find WordPress themes?

So many places, I covered them on previous question but to go for free, you can try free themes

27. What is WordPress child theme?

Child themes are special type of themes that only work under parents themes, not all themes designers websites create this type of theme.

28. When to use WordPress child theme?

If you plan to customize your theme, go ahead and update your child theme so any updates that occur to your parent theme will not remove your changes.

29. Can I use 2 or more themes for my WordPress site?

Only one active WordPress theme can be used but you can switch easily between themes.

30. Will I lose contents if I switch my WordPress theme to another one?

No, who told you that, the best thing about WordPress is that the switch of themes can happen with a click of a button.

31. How can I get the WordPress theme which is used on another WordPress site?

There is a website called which tells you the WordPress theme name and the designer company.

32. Is there any limitation in designing your WordPress site?

Currently there are no limitations with WordPress websites, you can create a magazine type, forum, eCommerce site and whatever you can think of.

33. What are categories in WordPress?

They are also called Taxonomies (ignore this term for now), categories are only used for WordPress posts, it helps a lot in grouping your posts especially if your WordPress site contains hundreds of posts, your user will not be able to navigate into your WordPress website but grouping posts by categories will help to see any post under particular category, you can assign posts to one or many category but there should be one primary category for every post.

34. Are categories available in WordPress posts and pages?

Only in posts, you can read here the complete list of difference between posts and pages.

35. How to add a category to WordPress post?

Open your post, to the right hand side under Publish area, you will see Categories area as shown below, just select your category from the list of categories or add a new category if it is not listed there.

WordPress how to add category to post

Remember you can assign many categories to single post but you have to select only one category as primary.

Also you can make a category child for another parent category, it all depends on how you structure your WordPress site.

e.g. Parent category is Home Renovations and child category is Kitchen Renovations.

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36. What are tags in WordPress?

Again tags can only be assigned to posts and not pages, think about it this way, Category is broader in scope while tags covers narrow scopes, e.g. from our previous example, if Kitchen Renovations is a category and you write a new post under this category then tags can be Counter Tops, Fridges, Ovens..etc assuming your new post addresses these topics.

37. Are tags available in WordPress posts and pages?

Tags are only available under posts, you can read more about difference between posts and pages.

38. How to add a tag to WordPress post?

If you open your post, you will find Tags as shown below under Categories and both are on the right hand side.

You can type whatever single word or words that defines the topics that cover your post. there is no limit to the number of tags that can be added to a single post.

WordPress how to add tag to post

39. What is parent feature in WordPress?

Parent feature is when you nest a child item under a parent one, you can assign a page under another parent page.

e,g, You can create two pages called Who We Are and Meet Our Team under parent page called About Us

40. Is Parent feature available in WordPress posts and pages?

Parent feature is available under Categories for your WordPress posts or under WordPress pages where for the latter you can create a page and assign a parent page to it.

41. How can I add parent feature in WordPress page?

Once you open a page, you can select the parent one if you want to do so but selecting a page from the drop down page under Parent list as shown below

WordPress how to add page to parent page

42. How can I add navigational menu to my WordPress?

With WordPress menu you can add pages, posts and categories but it is highly recommended to add only pages as that’s why the menu is designed for but again it is up to you to do whatever you want with your WordPress site, I am not here to teach you the proper thing, I am just stating a fact for menus.

To create a new menu, go to Appearance then sub menu will show up, move the mouse over to click on the Menus as shown below.


If you don’t have any menu created yet then click on the create a new menu link as shown below

Now type your menu name, I always call it by location e.g. footer menu or top menu, then click on Create Menu bottom to the right hand side as shown below

WordPress add navigational menu name

You will go back to the Menus page, since you have only one menu created so it will be selected by default under Select a menu to edit and from the left hand side you can move pages by selecting their check boxes next to them

WordPress move menu around or create sub menu

Next step is to select the menu position, you have 2 locations Top Navigation with Category Navigation (it will be shown right under the Top Menu) and Footer Navigation

WordPress how to add navigational menu

Note that when you click on the check box next to Footer Navigation as shown above, this is equivalent to clicking on the Manage Locations and selecting your menus where you want them to be displayed as shown below.

WordPress how to assign navigational menu

43. Does your WordPress site have one admin account only?

No, you can create unlimited number of admin accounts if you are have a group of admin users working together on your  WordPress website.

44. Does WordPress come with different account privileges?

Yes WordPress come by default with Super Admin (same as Admin in cause of single WordPress site)

Super Admin or Admin have access to all features, they can add/remove plugins, widgets, users, themes and everything possible under WordPress they can do.

Editor can create posts and manage/publish their own posts and all other posts.

Author can create and manage/publish their own posts only.

Contributor can create and edit their own posts only but they cannot publish them

Subscriber can only manage their own profile.

45. Can you specify where your newly created post/page goes or Will it be added automatically to your blog posts?

When you create a post, it goes by default to the home page at the top as all posts are displayed in chronological order (latest at the top) and also it gets displayed in the archive when it gets older and new posts push to show on top.

Page scenario is different, pages are not shown unless you display them to users under menu or inside widgets.

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46. Do you need to have your own images?

Yes you should, any theme comes by default with its own images but most of them provide a flexibility to replace few images like for example the header image.

47. Can you decide where to place your images?

Yes in your posts and/or pages, your images can be left aligned, right aligned or centered.

In case of left and right aligned, you can choose to have text next to your images, you can also assign your image to your posts and/or pages as featured image to be shown beside the posts under home page.

48. What Image formats can I use on WordPress?

You can use .JPG, GIF or PNG.

49. Is there a limit to the number of inserted images per post or page?

No, you can insert unlimited numbers of images but be reasonable to the load time for your post or page.

50. Can I change the WordPress Background color and format?

Yes you can, most of WordPress themes come with a feature to let you do that.

51. How much HTML do I need to know to build my WordPress?

Nothing, you can still work with WordPress with no knowledge at all in HTML, it is highly recommended to know HTML basics as this will help you to fix few things from the Editor tab under posts and/or pages.

52. What is the difference between using HTML and WordPress?

If you are referring to building your website using pure HTML or WordPress then with no single doubt WordPress is super fast when compared to WordPress in terms of the following (these are just few things not the full list)

  1. WordPress can add posts/pages online while with HTML you cannot, you have to upload your HTML page using FTP to your web hosting server.
  2. HTML requires lot of testing when creating/adding new pages while with WordPress you just need to write the contents for your posts and/or pages and click on Publish.
  3. HTML requires lot of knowledge and effort to design a nice layout while in WordPress you only select a theme to control your website layout.
  4. HTML by itself is not a programming language meaning you cannot design membership site using pure HTML while in WordPress you can design any website you can think of.

53. Can I add a table to posts and/or pages in WordPress?

Yes you can by using any of these 2 options, first option is to code the table directly into the Editor tab under posts and/or pages, the other option is to install a table plugin, you can visit this post to read about tables inside posts and pages

54. Can I add a graphs/charts to posts and/or pages in WordPress?

Yes you can by installing a plugin, visit this post to read about inserting graphs/charts inside posts and pages

55. How can you add buttons to your WordPress posts and pages?

You can either install a plugin to do that or you can insert a button image into your posts and/or pages and treat it like a hyperlink.

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56. How can I add Blockquote to WordPress posts and pages?

By clicking on the Blockquote icon shown below, this will create a Blockquote like this line.

WordPress click on blockquote to create quotes

If you press Enter or Return key in Mac, you will see the Blockquote button still pressed, to stop the Blockquote just click on it again.

57. What is the recommended SEO plugin to use on WordPress?

There are so many SEO plugins but I am using in my WordPress websites Yoast SEO plugin

58. What are meta-tags and how to add them to WordPress?

By installing ALL META TAGS plugin or by using Yoast SEO (you have to be a premium member)

59. Can I add PowerPoint presentation to my WordPress?

By installing any plugin that can do that, you can search for keyword PowerPoint under the Add Plugins adding Google analyticspage, you can refer to this example plugin to show you how to add a plugin but search for keyword PowerPoint.

60. Can I add PDF file to my WordPress?

By installing PDF Embedder plugin as an example, also refer to the question above to see how you can add a plugin.

61. Can I add my videos to my WordPress website?

Yes you can but you have to upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo first.

62. How can you add videos to your WordPress?

Go to Youtube website and go down under the video you want to add to your WordPress site then click on the Share link, it will display

63. Is WordPress only a blog Platform?

No, who told you that, WordPress is not only a blog platform but it can be any type of website you want.

64. Can you build all types of websites using WordPress?

WordPress can build any kind of websites from membership to eCommerce to even forum websites, there is no limitation to what you want to achieve but you have to find the right WordPress theme for your website.

65. Can you build a store site using WordPress?

Yes you can by using a store theme and the most import thing to use a plugin like WooCommerce

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66. Can I link a WordPress websites with a shopping cart?

You have to use a special plugin to let you do that like  WooCommerce

67. Do I have a limit to the maximum number of posts or pages?

No, you can add any number of posts or pages to your WordPress site.

68. Is WordPress itself secure?

The short answer is yes but it requires some education and some amount of work from the site owner, choosing reliable web hosting can be also a good factor contributing to the WordPress security.

69. How can I improve the security of WordPress?

Simple solution is to start by installing a reliable security plugin(s), you can read this about installing security plugin

70. How to protect my WordPress from Hackers?

By choosing a very reliable, well reputable web hosting as a start then installing good security plugin(s).

71. How to add Google analytics to a WordPress Site?

By installing Google Analytics plugin, I have listed here how to install Google Analytics plugin

72. How to add an email subscription form to a WordPress blog?

You have to use email subscription plugin(s) to be able to do that.

73. Can I use contact form in WordPress?

Yes you can with the help of plugins.

74. How to add a contact corm to a WordPress site?

You have to use contact form plugin(s) to be able to do that.

75. Can I build my newsletter list using contact form?

It is not recommended as you cannot send emails to your visitors who contacted you for questions or seeking information without their consents (it is called spamming), using email subscription plugin is the best option assuming you are a member of email marketing system to automate sending your newsletter or broadcasting messages.

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76. How to start selling products on a WordPress site?

By choosing the right theme e.g. store theme and using the right eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce

77. How to integrate social media into a WordPress site?

By installing social media plugin to help visitors share pages and posts on your WordPress site.

78. How to add an image gallery to WordPress site?

By using a professional plugin or by using the built in create gallery feature under media.

Under your post or page, click on Add Media on top of the screen as shown below

WordPress click on add media

Then select all your images as this will enable Create a new gallery button.

WordPress create new gallery under media

79. How to speed up WordPress site if it loads slowly?

Start with good web hosting company, then install caching plugin like W3 Total Cache then the free plan is enough for you then use plugin(s) to optimize database and clean up unused revisions, spam comments,trashed comments ..etc, you can also deactivate and delete unused plugins.

80. Can you add search terms to my WordPress site for the internet searches?

You will need to add the meta keywords and descriptions to all your posts and pages which you want Google to index and these are HTML tags so to be able to do that you have to install a plugin called SEO Yoast

81. Do you need to obtain a copyright for your WordPress site?

If you think one of some of your posts which you completely composed by yourself are copied to another site, I suggest you read about WordPress copyrights under Prevent Content Theft

82. Can you transfer your already created blog site under Blogger to WordPress?

Yes you can, assuming you have your WordPress website already installed, export your Blogger under Settings > Other then import Blogger to WordPress under Tools > Import under WordPress Dashboard.

83. Why WordPress is better than TypePad?

For so many reason, I will mention 2 important reasons, first TypePad is limited to blogging while with WordPress you can build all types of websites, WordPress is completely free while TypePad has price plans

84. How hard is it to switch your existing website to WordPress while keeping the same domain?

Not hard if you followed the steps below

  • First start by installing WordPress on your hosting account (read about how to use control panel URLs on Siteground)
  • If you install your WordPress under your desired folder which is named like your domain name, I assume you have to rename your existing website (if hosted on same web hosting) and you have a copy of data offline
  • Copy your existing data from your old website like pages and create posts if you need to
  • Disconnect your domain name from existing old website to your web hosting account (I don’t have this step explained enough but you can read the step below and go to and replace the existing DNS with the new one )
  • Follow the steps to do the linking of your hosting account with your domain name (replace the existing DNS to complete the delinking process)

85. Is maintaining your WordPress site hard for beginners?

Not really, with the help of certain plugins like security plugin to protect your WordPress site and performance plugin to boost your WordPress plus also using plugins to backup your WordPress regularly you should be in a good position

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86. Should I always upgrade my WordPress site when prompted?

Yes but wait, don’t update before you make sure that you have followed all the required measures of backing up your WordPress and testing your updates on local PC or mirrored website (dummy website for testing – usually not indexed by Google)

I have a detailed 3 series posts on how to update WordPress safely

87. Can I build a non-English WordPress site?

Yes you can with the help of few plugins like a plugin called Polylang

88. How can I translate my WordPress site?

There is a plugin called Polylang when you install it, it will display the list of strings on your WordPress to be translated, it does not do the translation for you but at least it will list all required fields like site title and description with blank field under the foreign language of your choice to be able to write the translated phrase for each one

89. Can I use images from Google search in my WordPress site?

I know that every WordPress website requires images especially if you are writing posts regularly but copying images from Google is against the copyright law and it is called Copyright Infringement, you can use few images in your post if you add a hyperlink text of their sources with the name of their websites, I do it sometimes to show my gratitude to the source website by offering a back link to his/her website

90. Where do I find images for my WordPress site?

There are so many websites offering free images, just search on search engines like Google on “free images” or “free pictures” one of them is called just make sure that image you are about to load is free as some images have watermarks, you can not download and you them

91. How can I backup my WordPress site?

There are so many plugins to help you do that, one of them which I currently use is UpdraftPlus I have a long post but I will share here only the part of uploading your backup to Google Drive using UpdraftPlus

92. How can I drive traffic to my WordPress site?

This is a big question that can be answered by a complete website, simple answer is advertise by using social media, drive traffic to your website by writing more posts that can rank on search engines with the help of paying attention to the on page SEO..etc

93. How can I make money from my WordPress site?

There are so many ways, one of them is by using Google Adsense or any other pay per click advertisement where you get paid if visitors click on the ads displayed on your website, also listing affiliate products and get paid commissions if visitors buy the recommended products from your website, also selling AD space to others for fixed price..etc

94. How to fix WordPress white screen of death after installing a plugin?

The quickest way is to connect to your WordPress website using the FTP and rename your plugins folder to plugins-old and then log on to WordPress dashboard to investigate but again using the FTP and rename your plugins-old folder to plugins, now all plugins are deactivated, activate one by one and see which plugin(s) is/are causing the white screen issue.

For a detailed steps, follow this link on how to fix WordPress white screen of death

95. How can I create a mobile WordPress site?

You have to use responsive theme, responsive theme means that it can be loaded on all different screens without the need to enlarge or scroll right and left to read the text on the web page.

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