Why You Should Use Pinterest Like I Do

In this blog post I am not trying to show you that I am expert and I am here to teach you how to do this and how to complete that

Absolutely not, I have long years of experience with blogging where I used to make few bucks every month and that’s why I lose enthusiasm and so I quit

The reason I joined again the blogging world with a new mindset and strong will is that it happened that I came to Pinterest by chance during my daily web surfing 

My eyes were dropped on how this platform is so attractive and addictive at the same time, for the first time I enjoyed searching on topics on something other than Google

To my wonder, I only switched to Google to search for “How to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest”

I said to myself, how I didn’t know about it before, with Pinterest you can get traffic from day one with very little experience on Pinterest platform 

Create a nice profile

I prefer to include your picture, write your first name or full name (this helps when followers or Pinterest users want to send you a private message through Pinterest

Add clear description

Write a good description that really tells visitors what you do/specialize in and what they will benefit if they follow you

Add your website

It happens that some visitors while reading your profile to click and visit your website Also beside adding your website, you can add your social media sites under description

Switch to business account

If you have a personal account and you want to keep it then create a new business account

Otherwise Pinterest allows you to switch your personal account to business one

Benefits of switching or creating a Pinterest business account are many like 

  • You have to able to display your business blog name instead of youth first and last name and that’s up to 100 characters (instead of 30 characters only for personal account)
  • Gain access to business features like Pinterest analytics
  • Ability to promote successful pins for more exposures and thus more traffic
  • Ability to create Rich Pins and for those who don’t know what is Rich Pins, it is simply providing you with the ability to add extra details to pins from your website like the Favicon icon, description (Alt text) and information about your pinners from your website 

Link your account to Facebook

I can confidently say that there is no benefit if you link your account to Facebook from your Pinterest account

The only thing that will happen you will be able to log on to Pinterest using your Facebook credentials 

But from TailWind app you can have an amazing feature when you link your Facebook page

You can submit every Post which you submit automatically to all your desired group boards only once to your Facebook page as shown below
Once you click on Facebook checkbox Submission to your Facebook page will occur automatically 

Create boards that are highly specific

Yes even if you niche is about blogging, make a variations for boards with names like blogging for money, Driving traffic to your blog, social media Facebook ..etc 

I simply come with these name by typing let’s say Social media on Pinterest search and I see what suggestions come up 

These are searches carried by users Why don’t you use them by naming your Boards after them and put descriptions which contains 2 or more of these Pinterest searches related to your niche 

Use TailWind Automation Tool

With the increase of your blog posts, you get shortage in time to submit all your newly created pins to all your group boards

Especially if you have multiple pins for the same blog post, usually I create multiple pins for every blog post and so every smart Pinterest users do the same

Keeping track of all your pins on your group boards, with what needs to be submitted and what was already submitted can be very challenging

That’s why TailWind comes on the right time to manage scheduling your pins efficiently and effectively

It is an automation tool which schedules your own pins to be submitted automatically to your Pinterest (also manages Instagram account)

It saves humongous time when you submit a new pin, it can schedule your pins to go on all/specific group boards (even your own boards)

It works in a very smart way, where it rotates yours to be submitted pins to all of your group boards keeping best interval while rotating between pins

It takes the forgot factor into consideration, meaning if you try to submit the same pin to the same group board, it detects the duplicate submission and stop you from doing that

Along with the new SmartLoop feature which came recently (beta test came end of 2018) where you can rotate your best performing pins to your best group boards increasing your page views significantly

Also with the Tribes feature, Tribe is like a group board but only available on TailWind where you can submit your pins there

It gets highly shared on other users’ account which means more page views for you

How To Use TailWind To Get Maximum Benefit For Your Pinterest Account

First I am giving you here a pure advice on a golden plate

I bet you that you will never read it anywhere else, it is a controversial to use TailWind or not to use?, that’s the question

If the answer OK go ahead use it, does it replace your manual pinning daily routine?

Let me start first with laying down some facts and then I will provide you down below with my conclusion

I spent around 3 months from end of July to end of October 2018 only writing my first blog posts, I knew I could not promote blank blog

I decided to put a plan that by end of October, 2018 I will start promotion whatsoever, if I have 15 blog posts or 50

During my first 3 months, I was just using Pinterest to read pins regarding my topics which I need to write about to get inspiration

I came to TailWind as a tool to help with my Pinterest account

I subscribed to the annual plan on October 29, 2018 and for the first 3 weeks I did not use TailWind at all

Tailwindapp annual billing statement

Not for any particular reason but due to shortage of time (Yes I am a dad for 2 boys ages 2 and 4 working full time and helping my wife with the kids)

I knew that I needed around 2-3 hours to go through all the features before I start scheduling my first pins

During that time, I was manually pinning for around half an hour to an hour each day

I noticed a significant jump in my Pinterest daily views (remember views are different than real traffic visits to your blog/website)

I realized that every 1 K of views are translated to 10 visitors to my blog, so you divide by 100 to get an estimate of the real traffic to your blog/website

Pinterest history of traffic increase

By end of November 28th, 2018 my traffic jumped to 28.4 K, I made one affiliate sale from one of my blog posts

SendOwl commissions November 2018

Anyway till mid of December 2018, I jumped to 44 K and one sale for Siteground hosting occurred

One week before Christmas till almost January 3rd, I expected that I would not be able to do the manual pinning so I automated everything on TailWind

Surprise, traffic started to drop again from 44 K to 28 K, I struggled to put it back to 33.4 K as I started putting back the manual pinning beside Tailwind

Because it is January, I work hard where I did not even have time to eat my lunch so I tried to put like 15 minutes pinning manually every other day

As promised, these are the golden rules to follow to get maximum benefits from TailWind to your Pinterest account
  • Manual pinning is a must to do, Tailwind will not replace your sitting time on Pinterest
  • Manual pinning of others (not your) pins to your own boards while pinning your own pins to group boards
  • Pinning other pins to your own pins percentage is very controversial, nobody knows how Pinterest algorithm works, I suggest 60% others to 40% at the same time don’t count, but make sure to exceed pinning other pins (not yours) to your own boards
  • Managing your own Pins can be done using excel spreadsheet as shown below
Excel sheet to track your manual pinning daily task on Pinterest
You can use the black color for to be submitted pins while the red for all pins already submitted

Now you must be thinking, I still did not cover how to use Tailwind to get maximum benefit on your Pinterest account

Well Tailwind comes with many insight reports like the board insights report as shown below

  • Sort descending by Engagement Score to the very right side and take all the good performing scores to the manual pinning, usually I use Tailwind to pin automatically to any group boards less then 0.20%
Tailwind Board Insights report showing performance of all group baords
  • Also using Pin inspector, use the Smart Loop feature with the top performing pins (Tip : use only the very top performing boards with the Smart Loop
Tailwind pin inspector
Pin inspector with the list of top performing pin

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