WordPress Website Setup Process

Step by Step Guide to Build a WordPress Site/Blog By Yourself In Less Than An Hour

Here in this post, I am going to illustrate with images (screenshots taken while building this WordPress site)

Just to let you know, this post was updated recently because I had to switch web hosting from Hostgator (I removed the affiliate link) to Siteground, it is a long story and it is up to you if you want to know why I changed my web hosting account (link will open in new window tab)

I knew that it was lot of work involved in updating this post and doing all the necessary changes but I had to go through this because I have to stand with what I believe and I cannot use any affiliate links which I have doubt about or not personally used before

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Anyway here is the steps that you need to build WordPress By Yourself In Less than an hour

If you want to go directly to any step, just click on the desired step itself and it will take you there

  1. Buying your domain name from NameCheap
  2. Choosing your hosting company like Siteground
  3. Linking your hosting account with your domain name
  4. Installing WordPress on your hosting account

Don’t worry, I will cover all the above steps in more details with images

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Step 1: Buying your domain name

I am not sure if you heard before about domain names so I will cover quickly what is domain name and why you need to buy one?

Domain name is the name you give it to your website also known as URL like the name I gave it to my WordPress site DoYourBlogWithMe.Com

You need to buy one because without domain name it will be almost impossible for anyone to visit your website, it is like asking a friend/relative to visit your home for the first time without providing him/her with an address.

Please Note

All web hosting like Siteground comes with one free domain name so you don’t need NameCheap but the reason I am listing it here because I am hosing multiple WordPress sites so it is up to you if you still want to continue buying your domain names with your web hosting or go with NameCheap, feel free to skip this process and proceed with step 2 on choosing your web hosting account

To start buying one I recommend you sign up to a website called NameCheap.com (You will find the sign up link on the upper left corner where there are 3 links Support, Sign In then Sign Up)

Then fill up the basic information as shown below



Now you can log in to NameCheap and go to Domains menu to select Domain Name Search
step 1 namecheap selecting domain name search
Domain Name Search will show up with an empty text (below I wrote MyOwnNameWebsite as an example), you should think carefully about the domain name which you choose for your website as you will never be able to edit it once you pay for it

if it happens that you bought a domain name which you don’t like or it has a spelling mistake, you can buy a new one but make sure to remove the auto-renewal option for the domain so you don’t pay for it when it gets expired.

step 2 namecheap choosing your domain name

As an example, this domain name MyOwnNameWebsite has .com extension and it is out of scope to explain what extension you should consider like .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info where the list goes long.

You can read this complete list of domain names if you want but all I can briefly tell you, it all depends on the purpose of why you plan to build your website.

If for example, you plan for a local business in your country then go for specific extension like .ca for Canada.

step 3 namecheap recommended to go for dotcom

After selecting your domain name with the right extension (assuming it is available), I highly recommend to add Positive SSL for the price of one large coffee per year and then click on the View Cart

step 4 namecheap adding extra options for domain name

You will be presented with the screenshot below, I set the Auto-Renew to ON for the Domain Registration as you don’t want to miss renewing your domain name (although NameCheap always send many notifications before renewal.

To be fair but I don’t risk the chance that I may miss it for any reason) and also set also both Enable and Auto-Renew to on for the WhoisGuard (this feature protects showing your contact details to anonymous users looking for information on your domain name)

step 5 namecheap finalizing your domain name order

Last step is to click on confirm order to finalize the domain name purchase process.

Step 2: Choosing your hosting account

I recommend using Siteground since I really tested their speed and technically tried their customer service with all possible channels (chatting, opening tickets and phone) and I had no previous issues, if you want to choose a different hosting for your website like BlueHost, feel free to do so and I don’t mind helping you (You can find how to contact me on my Contact page)

Anyway now go to Siteground to sign up for hosting account, click on the Sign up button as shown below.siteground step 1 going to siteground website

I recommend to select the Startup plan which supports 10k visitors per month for now and to upgrade later if your want

siteground step 2 choosing different hosting plans

Actually if you skipped Step 1 and you are choosing your domain name with Siteground then select first option (Register a New Domain) as shown below

siteground step 3 register new domain

But if you bought your domain name from NameCheap then select I already have a Domain but you don’t have to type your already bought domain name for now.siteground step 4 choose existing domain

Now go and select your billing cycle, it is up to you, if you want to go for 1, 2 or 3 years and make sure you put a valid credit card

siteground step 6 choose billing cycle

This is an extra feature if you are moving from existing web hosting account (they helped me on all of my 3 existing websites but I cannot guarantee they will do it for everyone) and for the SG Site Scanner I did not select it, maybe later I will

Now click on the Pay Now and you are ready to go

sitegrund step 7 checking out

Now make sure your username and password (temporary password will be generated to you (change it to something your remember, you can chat with customer service and someone will be able to help you do so)

Step 3: Linking your hosting account with your domain name

Again if you bought already your domain name from Siteground then skip this step and move to step 4 on installing WordPress on your web hosting account

Log on to your own Siteground account and click on the Go to cPanel button

siteground step 1 go to cpanel

Then click on the proceed (make sure to click also on Remember my selection and do not show this message again)

siteground step 2 click proceed

Under Domain section, click on Addon Domains as shown below

siteground step 3 click on addon domains

Type your new or existing domain name under New Domain Name text field, you will notice that the Subdomain or FTP username and the Document Root will be generated for you, type your password and repeat it again then click on Add Domain

siteground step 4 add your existing domain

Now go back to Account folder on the main Siteground page and pay attention to the left side column as you will need to copy both the Primary and Secondary Name Servers to a Notepad

siteground step 5 copy name servers

Log on to NameCheap and select Domain List on the menu to the left, this will load all your domain names, click on Manage button on the domain name which you would like to link to your Siteground hosting account

step 4 namecheap adding primary secondary hostgator nameservers

Details for your domain name shows NAMESERVERS with list of drop options, select Custom DNS and click on the green check mark next to the Custom DNS as shown below (on the screenshot below it is the one encircled with red and labelled with number 2)

step 5 namecheap selecting custom dns

Type the Name Servers 1 and 2 from Siteground (the one which you copied to NotePad earlier, do you remember ? ) again make sure to click on the green check box (the one inside the green square) as shown below


Now wait for the linkage to happen (it can take up to 48 hours), this one took me less than half an hour

namecheap-step-7-waiting-to-finalize-dns-transferTo know if the link between your domain name and hosting account is established, visit your domain name in any browser and you should see a white screen with a folder shape on the upper left

Step 4: Installing WordPress on your hosting account

Now the first thing to do after you log on to Siteground is change your PIN (to change your PIN click on My Details link on the upper right corner under Hello, your name) which was created for you when you paid for your account as it will be used when dealing with customer service over the phone after that I consider this part to be very easy compared to the above as we now have your domain name linked to your hosting account, click on Go to cPanel as shown below

siteground step 1 go to cpanel

Again click on Proceed and don’t forget to click Remember my selection and do not show this message again

siteground step 2 click proceed

The good news is that almost all of the hosting companies offer a one click WordPress installation where you completely don’t do anything technical at all to get your WordPress site ready for you

Log on to your hosting account and click on WordPress under AUTOINSTALLERS section, although there are so many CMS (Content Managament System) on the internet to build your website, it happens that WordPress is the most popular one.

siteground step 3 autoinstallers wordpress

The WordPress setup screen will show up, click on the Install Now as shown below

siteground step 4 click install

The next screen will load showing a choose Domain For Installation drop down option, click on that and select your domain name (the one you bought recently from NameCheap) and then type your Site Name and Site Description (make sure to type them correctly as these will be passed to your WordPress General screen under settings)

siteground step 5 continue software setup

Type your Admin Username and Password and these will be your WordPress credentials to access your WordPress admin area.

siteground step 6 specify admin account

I would keep English as my default language and leave everything below as default and then click on Install as shown below

siteground step 7 click install

Sit down and relax, it only takes less than a minute to complete installation

siteground step 8 wait for installation

Congratulations on your first WordPress installation, now please this is very important, take a screenshot for this image and save it somewhere on your computer as the password on the screenshot below is only displayed once, password is case sensitive, for example hErt56bnBm (capital E and B) is not equal to hert56bnbm also write it down in a Notepad

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To recap, I explained 4 essentials steps above to building your WordPress website, it starts with buying your domain name and I recommend NameCheap and then I went through Web hosting where I am using Siteground and how to register an account on Siteground followed by linking your web hosting account with your domain name and finally installing WordPress on your web hosting

If you complete the above steps successfully, it is now a good time to continue reading on things to do on WordPress After Installation

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